Superbowl Squares

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This is an Ethereum-backed version of Superbowl Squares. Buy a square and see if you win, just like at the water cooler. It is completely chain-backed, open, and can be used for non-Superbowl games as well.

Choosing Goerli (test) or Mainnet (real money)

In order to play, install an Ethereum-compatible Wallet like MetaMask.
The top nav buttons choose a network, using test ether in the Goerli testnet, or real ether on the Mainnet. Set your wallet to your desired network and go from there.
Switching wallet users requires a page refresh.
Usually, bad URLs or mismatched wallet settings send you home (here).


The goal of this every winner-take-all game is to pick the square corresponding to the correct score ending of some sporting event. So, picking the square Home (3), Away (7) would win with scores of 13-7, 3-27, 43-77, etc.
The bottom of the game page shows the entry fee that all squares in the game share.
If the winning square of the sports contest has no owner, all ticket prices (minus any gas) are refunded.


Create a new set of squares from the blue button on the main page of your network (/list/goerli/ or /list/mainnet/). Set the price (in wei) and names accordingly. These cannot be changed (maximum distrust!)
Creating a contest (and paying to submit it to the chain) makes you its sole admin.
Spread the word or don't. These contests are by design open to all, and all contests appear in the main list for its network.
Lock entries behind the Manage button (visible to admin only) on the contest page. There is no specified time for this, but it should happen before the game begins.
Submit the score when the game has completed. This either sends the balance of the contract to the winner or refunds all if that square has no owner.


This dApp operates entirely on the Ethereum blockchain. All storage, including metadata, is on-chain. Identites are provided by your wallet only.
The contracts are designed to be unchangeable except for buying squares before lock. Strings cannot, say, be adjusted from the Bnegals to the Bengals, for the same reason they can't be adjusted from the Bengals to the Ravens.
This is maintained by Hit me up with any questions or problems.
The gas costs of all non-ticket calls, including game creation, locking, and submitting score, are paid by the administrator. Night and early morning in the US are cheapest. Expect the gas price creating a contest to be $20-30 and buying a square to be $1-2 (on top of the part going into the pot)
All code and contracts are visible. The code for everything is on github. The contracts (e.g. this one) are inspectable as well.